Can you define your ideal client?

Sometimes when I ask this question, the reply I get is “everyone”. But that is not true. No matter what you sell or what services you can provide, there is a certain target audience that wants what you have to offer. So let’s define them, so you can market to them and not to “everybody”.

First of all – is your ideal client male or female? Sounds so obvious, but it matters in the way you market. From graphics to fonts and colors, men and women react differently.

How old is your ideal client? Are you marketing to people under 20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50 , 50-60 or older?

What is their income level? Do they make $30k or less, or 50k and more?

What kind of car do they drive? Luxury or not. Hybrid or all electric? Sedan or Van, SUV or sports car?

Where do they shop? Do the females shop at Nordstrom or Saks? Or do they shop at Old Navy? Do the guys shop at Home Depot or would they never step foot there?

What are their hobbies?  Are they outdoor people who love camping, skiing, hiking, bike riding – participation activities? Or do they like milder participation activities like wine tasting, cooking classes, sewing or knitting?

Or do they just sit on their butts and watch tv? 

Think about this when you are talking to a potential client, and if their choices align with your ideal client, go for it. Otherwise you are bashing your head against the wall. You are never going to sell a gas guzzling oversized SUV to a all electric guy.

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