Business Assessment

My no nonsense business assessment is not for sissies. I go through your business plan, your spending plan and financials – this is the deep stuff. Then I will review your website, social media sites and any printed marketing collateral. By then I have a great snapshot of your business, so I feel comfortable giving you an honest assessment of where you are currently. We can work together to determine where you want to be in the future, and then plan the steps to reach your goals.

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Business Plan

We help you put the pieces in place to move your business forward. Every business needs a strategic plan to be sure that you can reach your desired goals.

Simple is great! Our 1 page business plan helps you explain to your business partners, family members and maybe even a financial institution why you want to have a business and how you plan to make it successful.

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Operations Plan

A simple operations plan allows you to chart out how you are going to operate the business. Who is responsible for what, how to process orders, deal with clients, email, financials etc. This an outline of how things work, and can be expanded as your business grows.

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Marketing Plan

Marketing is a daily process if you want to be successful. After determining your goals for business sales, I can help you tailor a marketing plan to suit your needs. While every business is different, the basics remain the same!

But to be clear, this is not something you do once in a while – it is an ongoing process. You need to have a clearly defined unique customer profile to know how to market to them correctly.

Your marketing budget needs to be determined as part of your business plan. With advance planning, you can leverage every marketing dollar, and not just throw your $ at something that sounds sexy. That is why you need the Marketing Plan!

Marketing Channels to Consider

  • Social Media Management
  • Email Newsletters & Offers
  • Website Updates and Maintenance
  • Snail mail post cards & Thank You cards
  • Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Display Ads
  • Marketing Materials
  • Trade Shows
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars

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Social Media

Social Media is a huge portion of how we market today. It is your billboard, your TV ad and your connection to the world and your potential customers.

To be effective you need to have a Content Calendar and again know who your target audience is and where they hang out. I will help you define this calendar, and then you will need an employee or agency to handle all of the content production and strategic posting. You may start by doing it all yourself and then work toward having an employee or VA do your content and posting.

Social Media is all about building engagement with your followers. You can post a blog, post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or for many businesses, on LinkedIn. You don’t need to be on all of them, but you need to be where your potential customers are and you need to be present.

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Email Outreach

You need to maintain a continuous connection with your customers. You can do this by sending a simple email newsletter at least 1 time per month. This is NOT a 20 page tell all, this is a simple 1 page beautifully crafted newsletter with great content and strategic links to take them to your website.

This newsletter absolutely has to reflect your brand, have valuable content, and make an offer. After all, we do want them to buy something from you – right?

Your Call to Action can be based on seasonal items or services. It can be a gift for them sending a qualified referral to you, or you can offer them a free educational webinar or download just for being a great customer.

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One of our favorite marketing gurus is Alan Berg. He wrote a book entitled “If your website was an employee, would you fire it?” Think about that for a minute.

And ask yourself..

  • When was the last time you updated your website?
  • Is your contact information quickly available, or do they have to fill out a lengthy form?
  • Does the site show where your business is located?
  • Do you have so much content no one will ever read through it all?
  • Are your photos the correct resolution?
  • Are the photos royalty free?
  • Do you tell the potential buyer what you charge for your service, or make them contact you?
  • How do you rank in Google?
  • Is your site mobile responsive?
  • Have you had a professional work on your SEO?
  • Do you have an appointment scheduling calendar?

So many questions and this is just a start. If your website does not accurately reflect your personality, your brand and your product, you will be quickly passed over for the next search.

As a part of our business assessment, we do a review of your website and will be offering suggestions for changes to increase your visibility.

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Annual Review

Our Annual Review is the year end assessment of how you did for the year. I provide an online format for you to process your data for the year in every aspect of your business. Then we sit down and analyze it all and make suggestions for the coming year.

This Annual Review keeps your head out of the sand, keeping you on track for your goals for the business. It is essential in helping you build and maintain longevity with your business and secure your ongoing success.

We offer this service starting December 1st, and provide our results no later than January 31st. It is a comprehensive summary for you to maintain and reflect on as you plan for the next business year.

No Obligation Discovery Session

Let’s talk on the phone for 20 minutes to discuss your current situation.

There is no cost or obligation.

I call it a “Discovery Session” where I can learn more about your goals and objectives as well as tell you more about my expertise and how I help my clients.

At the end of our Discovery Session you will have a better idea of my experience, what I do, and how I can help you and your business grow and thrive!

I look forward to speaking with you!

Chérie Ronning

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